Sunday, November 15, 2009

You Are Not Me

It is only human to expect others to handle situations, as would you.  However, being that sometimes even you surprise yourself, aren’t you just setting yourself up for more disappointment?

People shouldn’t be thrust into the parameters of those who see them.  I suppose it’s that whole “do unto others” thing.  But just because you do unto them doesn’t mean anyone else will.  Should you change?  The simple answer is, no.  Just see people for what they are and not what or who you want them to be.

Perhaps your time is better spent trying to be the person you wish you were (kinder, more patient, more forgiving), instead of wishing others were different than how they are.  Don’t love them any less because they are not perfect.  Just don’t expect them to act outside themselves.  Take them as they are.

We are who we are.  If you don’t like it, focus on bettering those parts you find particularly dissatisfying. 

Nuggets of inspiration or impossible ideals; I suppose time will show who will emerge from behind the walls of shelter.  Funny how those walls that were built to keep you safe from harm seem to let all the old pain fester as there is no way for it to escape.


Dee said...

So I was obliged to look up fugacious and I'll have you know that I do pride myself and my wide vocab.

Lovely word, so much more interesting that evanescent. Seriously tempts your mind to go elsewhere.

Nice to meet you.

PrttyBrd said...

I liked the word myself. It's one of those things you look for the right time to use. I think I used it once in conversation and no one had a clue:o)

Nice to meet you too.