Monday, November 9, 2009

What to do?

Just this side of feeling overwhelmed, and just that side of bliss is an odd place to be.  There is so much looming on the horizon.  Siblings going through their muddled journey and friends pulling for attention often seem too much to handle.  Being a wife and mother, that tends to take priority to all other roles until, of course, there is a crisis.  I don't know if I should be glad or offended that due to sheer distance, I'm out of the loop by at least a few days.  By the time I get the info, everything is old news.  Should I feel less important because I'm not the first one called, or should I be thankful that they fill me in once the main drama dies down a bit?

All I know is that the Holidays are on the horizon and I have no real plans.  Should I take my kids (incl. an infant) 5 hours down to the rest of the family?  The house is crowded and no one really gets along to well.  The stress of the day doesn't subside until the dinner is over.  By then, we're just usually to tired to argue and so we are content to just be.  However, it would be the first time they get to see the baby, but right now that seems like the only plus.  On the other hand, we could have a perfectly nice Thanksgiving at home with just us.  We did it last year and there wasn't much stress.  I even had the house all cleaned and the kids in bed by their regular bedtime.  Yup, last year I even got to hang out Thanksgiving night with a friend I hadn't seen in years.  The whole day was just lovely.  I know that just because last year was nice doesn't mean that this year will also be virtually stress free. There is also a third option.  A good friend of the family has invited us for Thanksgiving again.  We've gone in years past, and it would be nice to visit and spend time with my other family.  I'm just not sure that I want to leave my family drama for someone else's.  Oh, what to do, what to do?

I've decided not to worry about it for now.  Things will fall into place.  My kids are fine with whatever we choose.  They are happy to just have turkey and a stack of homemade pies. 

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