Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Well, to get to my pen apparently. 

Today we inherited a chicken.  Well, not really.  Our two smallest chickens tunnel out on a regular basis.  It has become routine for my 4yr old to go to the pen with me and walk the chicken to the door so I can let her in.  Though, sometimes he gets feisty and chases her down and catches her.  He gets so proud of himself.  This is an easy task as the chickens never go more than two feet away from the pen.  Which makes me wonder why the bother to escape in the first place.

Anyway, today, we set out for our normal routine and as my son was walking around the pen wrangling the chickens, I noticed that there were three and one of them was very large.  I couldn't remember if we had one that looked like that.  I counted my chickens twice and they were all there.  We had someones rouge chicken.  The thing about it is that the closest chickens to us are across the street and down the way.  Not far for us bipeds but a good trek for a chicken, even a big chicken.  This chicken got along well with my two escape artists and went into the pen with them.  Since this is my first batch of chickens ever, I had no idea what to expect.

My roosters had not issues with this new chicken in fact, out of 14 chickens only two of them bothered with her.  Unfortunately, my cutest chicken, one that had never bothered anyone, turned queen B****.  Once she noticed this new bird she pecked at it and squawked at it.  This new chicken was easily three times the size of Cinnamon, but she was so sweet that she would not fight back.  I took this new bird to the side and fed her and made sure she got water, and for awhile none of the chickens bothered her.  But when I went back out there later the poor thing was huddled behind the cage in there in an attempt to escape Cinnamon's wrath. 

So when the middle school bus let out, I asked the boy who lives at the closest chicken house if he was missing a chicken.  He said "No, but yours escaped and was running around the bus stop this morning".  No, mine don't leave the perimeter of the pen.  Anyway, he came to take a look and thought it was his chicken so I let him take her.  I'll find out later if it is in fact his.  It should be, there are no other chickens around here.  But if it isn't, I think I want her back.  She was such a nice chicken.  Unfortunately, I'll never look at little Cinnamon the same way again.

On a different note, our smallest rooster has an attitude problem.  He's taken to attacking my son when he goes in and cares for the birds.  He's rough with the hens too, even though most are twice his size.  He drew blood from my son's leg yesterday.  I think I'm done with him.  He'll make good chicken soup.  I think he's of the black skinned variety.  He's a mixed breed rooster, but has black shanks and five hairy toes.  I've never dresses a chicken, ever.  Not looking forward to it.  I'll be putting this off as much as possible, but if he doesn't settle down, he has got to go: (


Chkn said...

Argh one of the black skinned ones yikes !!!!!!

Its crazy how you could inherit a chicken like that, poor cinnamon though aw

Alan said...

Maybe the runaway chicken had been slated for Sunday dinner.