Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm Grown and Still as Dorky as Ever

There comes a time when, as an adult, you realize that you will never grow up.  After all, when you reach my nameless age, if you're still as dorky as ever this must just be who you are.  I take immense pleasure in embarrassing my kids in public.  I love to sing, though I have no talent.  Unfortunately for them, I don't have much shame either.  I'm all about hugs and kisses and will threaten public displays of affection to bend my oldest to my will.  Hahaha, I am not heartless.  However, as a teenager, it is way to expensive to bribe them into good behavior.  I have found that just the threat of public humiliation works better and best of all, It's FREE.  Of course, my kids must test me incessantly.  I assure you, they have learned their lesson as I sang crappy impromptu opera at the mall one Saturday afternoon. It took maybe ten seconds to embarrass them into submission. *insert evil laugh here*