Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Having four kiddies ages 15,9,7, and 3.5 makes life interesting, to say the least.



My 7yr old made these lovely cards for Mother's Day. While I love the artwork, I couldn't help but notice these are very unhappy hearts indeed.  The tears on the foil embossed card I found especially moving.  So I asked him, "Honey, why are the hearts so very sad?"  He responded quite matter-of-factly with, "because they got shot with an arrow", and after a second to ponder whether or not I could understand why that would make the hearts cry, he continued, "and that's gotta hurt".  Very true my dear, it would definitely hurt to be shot with an arrow.  Then he looked at me with his head tilted in thought, "but how else are you supposed to catch it so you can give it to someone else?"  

I just love how his mind works.  In a greater existential sense of things, yes you risk pain to love someone and have them love you in return.  How else are you supposed to give your heart to someone else?

I Have Returned

Okay, now that my bun is now 3.5 and my house is as settled as it is ever going to get I will attempt to be back on here on a regular basis.  Not sure if you've missed me, but boy have I missed you...story of my life.