Thursday, November 19, 2009

Home for the Holidays

I have finally settled on a decision about Thanksgiving.  We will be driving 5hrs to see my family.  I suppose we should probably go visit all my husband's siblings too, but I'm the designated pie maker and will be tethered to the kitchen all day on Wed.  So, if hubby wants to take the 4 boys to visit his family, more power to him.  I really do not foresee that happening though. 

There is this burgeoning feeling of foreboding.  My family is, well, quirky.  There are a lot of us and tension tends to be heightened during the holidays.  I'm hoping that next week will be fabulous, peaceful (to a certain degree) and happy.  I will be doing my best to foster warm and fuzzies in my kids, so that they don't get so frustrated.  It's a little hard for the boys to be over there.  My sister and her kids live with my Mom, so, the cousins have all grown up there. When they start to argue, like kids do, the cousins are quick to make them feel like outsiders and mine end up running to Grandma for reassurance that of course she loves them just as much as the cousins even though they live far away. 

There's always a chance that everything will go smoothly.  I will be praying for that.  There is nothing worse than seeing your little ones with their hearts broken.  Then again, there will be pie and pie can fix just about anything.  We might have to start before Thursday though.

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