Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Unexpected Happy

Even though Hubby had over a month to develop a presentation for our oldest son's school, I still found myself trying to get it all done yesterday for today's event.  Talk about last minute.  The weird thing is, I really didn't mind.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.  I was up until 2 a.m. doing last minute changes and additions to the slide show and going over all the other visual aids he was to bring, but I was happy to do it.  It gave me an excuse to ignore my "chores" and do grown up things for a few hours.  I felt needed and helpful and it was a nice change. 

Don't get me wrong, I love staying home with my kids, but after awhile it can wear on you.  Everyone needs a bit of a change every now and then.  The best part about this is that Hubby actually had a good time speaking at our son's school.  He spoke to three different classes and realized that he had enough stuff to speak for hours.  I warned him that would happen, but who am I?  So, Bun #1 is happy and proud because, I must say, his Dad's job is really cool and now everyone knows it.  Hubby is happy, because as much as he knew it would suck, it didn't.  Then there is me, I am thrilled to have had a part in this and it feels really good to still be needed and to know that I can do something well that Dad can't.  Yup, today is feeling pretty darned good.  Maybe I'll try to bake bread again.  Must look for a better recipe.

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