Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sleep Aid

It's just after 5 a.m. and I can hear my 5yr old laughing in his sleep.  There are no other sounds, other than the clickety-clack of the keys as I type.  The sky is dark and the air is cool.  My heart is warmed by his laughter and mumbles of a "silly face".  Suddenly, I think I can sleep.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a perfect moment :)

Tallulah Keats said...

It really does - children laughing is great.

GerrardFanBoy said...


Brian O'Mara-Croft said...

Unfortunately, my children tend to laugh maniacally in their sleep, which just sends me sprinting for a crucifix. Still, a gentle, restful, "Don't worry, I'm not going to attack while you're asleep" sort of kid-giggle is soothing...I'll give you that.