Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hair, do I know you?

It's the first time in about four months that I attempted to straighten my locks.  Whatever the reasons, I've been unable to find the time or inclination to be bothered.  So, while on the phone and rushing to get ready, I decided to try and get the job done.  My hair was acutely atrocious, so no harm no foul. Admittedly, it was a half-assed job.  However, it was enough to make me remember why I ever bothered to pull out the flat-iron to begin with.  My hair looks much more healthy straight, except for the ends of course.  More than that, hubby came home and ran his fingers through it.  He hasn't attempted that for a long time.  So, I guess it might be worth the trouble.  Hubby likes it, and it makes me feel good, or at least better, about my hair. 

Usually, I'm not all about looks.  I've grown out of the stage where I had to live in a full face of make-up.  I can't help but wonder if it has something to do with where I live.  Make-up isn't really important in these parts.  Then again, neither is dental hygiene.  Anyway, I think that I'll begin to form a routine again, as best I can around a newborn and four year old.  I could try to squeeze some time after my two oldest are off to school in the morning.  It wouldn't kill me to take an interest in things, more than I have been.  Being sleep deprived really changes one's perception about what really matters.

I was looking at my slightly thinning, yet amazingly shiny (must be the products) locks and it was nice to see something not looking like crap.  I was transfixed on my dead ends.  Looking and the smooth shaft growing into the tiny v's at the very end of the hair, well, it got me thinking.  Everything looks perfect except for that one flaw.  The one tiny problem that could ruin the whole thing.  How many things in life do we see that way?  Everything looks good, your friends are true and loyal.  Then, one tiny mistake, one fatal flaw, and then the friendship is questioned in its entirety, or a marriage teeters on the edge not knowing which way it will fall because the foundation was eternally cracked due to one tiny imperfection.  Nothing is ever what it seems, not really.  Happiness is only happy because it is believed to be so.  When something, however minuscule, changes that perception ever so slightly, then what happens to the happy.  Is it gone, never to return? Does it change along with each revelation.  Can people or situations ever just be what they are?  I don't think so. I mean, how can they be.  I know what I am, yet sometimes even I surprise myself.  So, if I can still do that, then how can anyone else really know me.  Yes, loved ones  love you good, bad, and ugly.  But do they really know you?  I know who and what I believe my hubby to be.  Does that mean that he will never prove me wrong?  Of course it doesn't.  But he proves me right on a regular basis and that is good enough for me.  Unfortunately, all the good can be outweighed by one bad, one really bad. 

Let's hope that life brings good surprises and that the curves in the road just make for a more interesting journey. 

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Chkn said...

It is a great positive outlook :) I laughed so much at the "neither is dental hygiene bit haha"