Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome Fall

Sitting out on the swing in the cool evening breeze, I listened to the sounds of the world.  I heard my roosters crow and the hens cluck.  They were loving the breeze after the long hot summer.  Though they have yet to yield a single egg, I enjoy them.  They are quite funny, and it makes this place feel like home.  My cat was stalking the chickens outside of their pen.  Though safe inside, the would gather opposite the kitty, and you could tell that he could feel his power as he watched them squirm from his gaze.  It's like my own little savanna.  The butterflies were out in force late afternoon.  So many different ones.  They must be lured by my weed garden flowers being carried on the wind.  I saw the largest one I had ever seen.  It was black with blue splotches and was at least as big as my open hand.  So beautiful is nature.  The mosquito are hiding in the chill and the crickets are sleeping.  The frogs that were so plentiful just days ago seemed to have run from the cold as well.  It was lovely. 

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