Monday, October 19, 2009

It Would Be Heaven

I've been known to bake the hell out of pies and cakes and other deliciously sweet concoctions.  However, I am yeast challenged.  I  try about four or five times a year to bake bread from scratch, no machines.  I have managed to make a decent dinner roll, and that's about it.  I can't even bake  biscuits from scratch, they just don' turn out right.  I can live with canned biscuits.  It won't kill me, since there are some that are quite tastey.  Oh, but the bread.  I have always loved the smell of fresh-baked bread. 

My family was never much of a baking family.  They can cook, for sure, but it was my extremely large and ever-growing sweet tooth that fueled my love of baking.  The first time I had homemade bread I was sleeping at a friend's house.  I was in high school, if you can believe it.  I think I'm the only one I know that never had homemade bread.  It was amazing.  I ate the whole thing, and I wasn't the least bit embarrassed.  They were amazed at how thrilled and excited I was over the bread.  Since then, it has been my mission to bake at least one loaf of delicious bread.  Okay, maybe I got a little more into it once I had kids.  I would love to be that Mom.  You know, the one that makes things from scratch.  Like I said, I'm good with desserts, but I'm all about the bread.  Yeah, I could never do Atkins. 

Unfortunately, I get so emotional about the prospect of delicious bread that when it doesn't turn out right, I don't bake anything for awhile.  Hence, only trying to bake bread a handful of times a year.  I have decided that today is the day.  I have cleared my mind and opened myself to all possibilities.  I think that I have been going into my trials with a specific outcome in mind.  In the past, I've turned out a few loaves that other people have enjoyed, but they were nowhere near what I intended.  Thus, I was again highly unsatisfied.  Now, I think I will just see what happens.  They always smell great, but some aren't as crusty or soft or light or whatever that I wanted.

Maybe I should take one recipe and just rework it until I get a result that I find satisfactory.  I just might have to try once a week.  Every day is a little hard for me, since I get so emotionally invested in my baking.  It's funny, I never have a problem if I bake a lopsided cake, or if I forget to brush a pie crust.  I suppose in desserts, I don't really care so long as it tastes good.  But with bread I look to be perfect.  Though I am aware that will never happen.  It would be wonderful if one day I could have to varieties of bread that I can bake consistently well, one for dinner and a softer, less crusty one for breakfast.  For now, I will be happy with just one that I can enjoy.

I'm all stocked up with flour and yeast.  Wish me luck!

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