Monday, September 21, 2009

Morning Rant

8:00 a.m. and the sun is just starting to warm up.  The kids are getting off to school and they day looks great through groggy eyes.  As I get to the bus stop with my 5yr old, I can hear one of the Moms on the phone.  She is sitting in her truck across the street, yet I can...let me rephrase...we all can hear her yelling at someone who is apparently having a crappy morning.  Now, I know that we need to take care of business when it needs to be taken care of.  As long as I'm not trying to watch a movie, or have a conversation with one of the parties, cell phone calls don't really bother me.  Until now that is. 

My kid got quite an ear full.  This lady, who may be my neighbor but we are not neighborly, was cursing someone out something awful.  We now know that her daughter and four friends were arrested last month.  Everyone is out, with the exception of her daughter.  Now she is convinced that there is a conspiracy to use the released teens as bait and blah, blah, blah.  Then as she walked her very own 5yr old to get on the bus, she put her hand over the receiver and very politely told me good morning. 

My question, one of them anyway, is why was it alright in her mind for all of us to hear her personal and vulgar business, but it was not okay for someone else to hear her moment of politeness?  Did she think that no one could hear her?  I know I wish we couldn't.  I had to keep whispering in my kid's ear, "You don't say that, it's not nice".  Look, walking to the bus stop is more than enough exercise in the morning.  Having to bend over every two seconds to reach the kid's ear just irritated the piss out of me. (Yeah, I know.  I'm such a lady myself).  I'm not saying I've never used foul language.  I have and do, but not in front of a group of little kids.  Maybe letting the world know that your kid was involved in driving a truck through a store window and grabbing a bunch of junk food because they were all high and hand the munchies isn't the best way to get to know your neighbors.

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