Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am Stonehenge

Looking down the barrel at the firing squad.  A jumble of people thrown together to forge some semblance of authority.  Halfwits and maroons across the board.  Hurling negativity, like it will turn all sparkly with the revelation that no one is perfect.  Yet, perfection is not sought.  It is up to each person to do their own job and not seek its completion by others.  Bashing the youth as they stare them down, their condescension burning in the souls of the clueless.

It is just beyond me how an inquisition of this magnitude was assembled for something so seemingly trivial.  Then, it is supposed to have been up to me to "fix" things.  These people got the wrong gal, especially since I don't believe that there is anything broken.  It was almost laughable to see their expressions when I so graciously reminded  them that what they were asking of me was still under their job description.

Seriously, we all have enough to manage throughout the day.  Did they actually expect that a show of force would bully me into submission.  They could think or say what they want, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to lie down and let them stomp on me with a smile.  It will take more than their boldfaced intimidation tactics to knock me down.  Do people actually cower to them?  They must, or they wouldn't keep trying to assert their assumed superiority.

Boy, if they think they are going to call me in there on a regular basis, they are in for quite the fight.  Once is more than enough for me.  Perhaps they should focus on solutions instead of bombarding people with all the minuscule "problems" that really aren't even worth the time of mentioning.  Talk about being focused on the wrong thing.

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