Monday, September 21, 2009

Lost Summer

Looking out the window, I see the four enormous boxes (and a slide) that once represented the hope of a happy and carefree Summer.  They are now covered in a layer of dust befitting an Egyptian tomb.  I can't help but wonder if we will ever get this ridiculous playground up now that Summer is over.  Of course, we've had this thing since April.  Though life takes us in different directions and throws all kinds of interesting things in our path, it has been five months and about $2000 wasted dollars.  I'm sure it will be well worth it if this ever gets erected. 

As of now, the boxes are stacked up on the back porch next to the steps.  They are dirty and unsightly.  Visions of all we could have done with that money keep flashing in my head.  They dance around my head, teasing me with all that could have been.  At least it is hot here until December.  This means that some fun can still be salvaged before I'm forced to sit in the frigid air of a February morning watching my little frozen tater tots trying to enjoy their new toy.  Hubby will probably try to pawn this off as a Christmas present, thus putting it off until December.

I should start harping on him about it.  Then again, I've been harping on him to build me a little garden box that we already have the supplies for.  Yup, it's been six years and counting.  Perhaps, I'll let this one sit a little longer until the kids remember what's in the boxes.  Maybe they can guilt him into getting it done.  I'm just tired of looking at the decaying boxes of possibilities.

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