Monday, April 19, 2010

I See the Rain

Gray skies and broken rain
Sliding down the windshield
A lifeline ever-changing
droplets, in contact they merge
Yet, some sit lonely, isolated
Only to be sucked into the paths of others
Left behind or swept away

As I sat it the  parking lot watching the rain on the windshield, I was reminded of how much it reminded me of people, of life.  There are some drops that sit stagnant, almost like they are afraid to move. They are often alone.  Though, at times they are grouped with others when, without warning, they separate as one joins the crowd and leaves the other longing.  A little shove from one nearby and the journey continues.  Sometimes there are many drops running alongside.  Other times the seem so tentative that they could be motionless.  They can trickle slowly or rush to an unknown destination.  Where there are two streams nearby, it is difficult to tell if the larger will devour the smaller, or if the smaller will draw life from the faster flow, thus reigning it in.  It is never the same path twice.  So many similarities and so many differences. It was beautiful and a bit sad.  I'd still be watching the drama unfold, had it not been for me getting swept away by the crowd.

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