Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Give Me Back My Crayons

Twisted words and deaf ears.
All has been manipulated and misunderstood.
It can't be fixed.  
There are no repairs to be made, as more words make you guilty.  
Paths are altered by perception.  
An innocent smile can lead to sadness. 
What can be, often is swept away by the ramblings of others.  
A moment of doubt can end a friendship.  
What does it say about you, if you really don't mind? 
Pretty, pretty words to spout such evil.  
A beautiful smile can soften the blow.  
Why is it that memories are either good or bad? 
No one remembers the mediocre.  
Pain and sorrow, and pure joy, that is what lives on.  
Love will continue alongside of sadness.  
Yet the day to day nothing evaporates.  
In the long run, does it matter what you think he said, or what you thought you knew?  
If in a decade, you realize you were wrong, will it matter then?  
Can you trust yourself to know the truth despite the circumstance?  
Will love still be there anyway?  
Can a friendship last through the worst notions?  
Trust now and break later, or break now and believe later?  
Choice is colored by the voices of others.  
Don't relinquish control. 

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