Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blessings and Goodness

I have spent the last few days recuperating from my family's visit.  I love them, I do, but if I wasn't related to these people, I don't know.  They just zap the energy right out of me.  Sounds horrible, I know. They were here, and we did Christmas.  I bought food, because I did not want to cook.  Well, I would have been happy to cook, except that, upon arrival, my sister passed out for about four hours, leaving me in charge of both her kids and mine.  The poor thing was exhausted. My Mom decided to ask me about 10,000 questions, which just wore me down, and even with my niece and nephew here, my kids still ran me ragged.  So, no, I did not cook.

As luck would have it, my mom went home and decided that I was the epitome of death warmed over.  Now, as Hubby is coming back home, he is picking up my mother on the way.  So, she is coming back, armed with a box of supplements and protein shakes.  She is determined to make me healthy.  Of course, part of her plan is to let me sleep while watching the the boys.  At least I'll be able to rest. I just found out that she is planning on staying indefinitely.  That is NOT good.  Hubby doesn't mind, because he's hardly home.  Me, well, I mind.  Yup, this is me minding.   I can live with having her here for a few days, even a week or so.  However, she is talking in months.  I can't live with her for a month, much less multiple.  What on Earth is this woman thinking?  Now, she is convinced that breastfeeding is depleting me of all my nutrients and is trying to demand that I stop.  NO.  Not going to happen.  Just because I am tired and worn out, and apparently look like hell (the latter I was unaware of as this is how I always look, thanks Ma), does not mean that I am going to stop breastfeeding my four month old.  I have four kids and I am no Spring chicken, so I'm allowed to be a little tired.

Well, they are on their way here.  I have roughly five hours of relative, mother-free, peace left to enjoy, except that with her coming back here, I have to make an effort to clean or I'm in for another lecture.  All I know is that payment for my suffering will come in free babysitting and a date night every so often.  Hopefully, the combination of rest and a child-free night does not result in another bun in the oven.  Don't get me wrong, we are careful and adults, but I have the worst luck ever.

Oh, did I happen to mention that my mom isn't in the best of health.  She has heart problems, and nerve problems, and stress problems, and diabetes, and anxiety.  How does she think she will be able to handle my rambunctious children who are very, very loud?  I think it is more likely that I will have to take care of her, in addition to everything else.  Hopefully, I am wrong and she will be a blessing, and all will be well.  I just know better.

Well, if nothing else, she can watch the boys while I get the laundry done and sweep.  I might be able to actually squeeze in a doctor's appointment and get a real check up or a visit to the chiropractor, or a dental cleaning.  These little things are so easily taken for granted when you don't have a gaggle of kiddies to tend to.  Ah, to be able to make appointments for myself without dragging my little monkeys with me.  It's enough to make me actually want to visit my dentist.  Is that as sad as it sounds?  Probably. 

Okay, I am closing this with thoughts of blessings and goodness.  This is what I pray will come of this extended stay, blessings and goodness. I do love her after all.

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Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Well, at least she is not also taking over the breastfeeding for you!