Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baby Steps

My now four month old got his first tooth at three months.  This is especially weird to me since none of my other three had any teeth before seven months and usually only had about four teeth at a year.  The baby just cut a second tooth two days ago.  Needless to say he is chewing everything.  Well, I'm breastfeeding.  I'm actually doing better with him than with any of my others.  Usually by now he'd be on more formula than breast milk, but he only gets a bottle when necessary, which is about 8oz. every couple of weeks.  Anyway, he has taken to chewing on me.  I'm not sure if you are familiar with the fact that new baby teeth are like little mini razors.  So, he clamps down and I scream.  I don't mean to scream. I sure don't want to scream.  Yet, invariably, I do.  Then, the little stinker thinks it's funny and laughs at me with a huge grin. Well, grinning makes him bite harder.  I am so torn between having him bite the suckers right off in an attempt to keep breastfeeding him, and just giving up completely due to the immense pain and bleeding tata's. 

Oh, I had him on a quilt on the floor today.  We were playing and he fell asleep, so I let him keep on napping.  I heard him babble a little while later and not only had the child rolled over onto his belly, but he was off the quilt and about 8ft away from where he was.  I have no clue how he got there.  I'm thinking he just rolled there, even though this would be his first and thus far only true rolling experience.  Yet, I can't imagine that he inchwormed his way across the room.  Tomorrow, I will put him back there and we shall see how he gets about. 

My nephew walked before he crawled.  I never knew that was possible, but at seven months he was running around and climbing on things like a little monkey.  It freaked me out.  He was so tiny and he would get into everything.  My second boy crawled at eight months, the earliest of my other three.  But none of them walked before a year.  I really am not looking forward to this little guy being mobile by the spring.  Still, how cute is that!


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PrttyBrd said...

Tell me about it! My broken Mommy heart is so torn between saying, forget this and switching to the bottle, and trying to wait it through. He's too young to understand "no". Hubby thinks I should just give up now while they still work. hahaha

Steinar Arason said...

I come from and I'm here to show you a little support.

I followed you and checked out your latest post. Interesting story about your child.

Hope you will return the favor.

Thanks in advance,
Steinar Arason