Friday, May 21, 2010

You Said What?

Changes sneak up on you, even when you know they are coming.  Little ones start to give as good as they take, and big ones twist things perversely until your words turn into a mangled web of barbed wire in their minds.  I am amused and perplexed at the things children pick up. I'm even more amused about the innocent things they say that just sound so wrong.  For instance, we have three roosters that keep pecking the feathers off of the hens backs.  My four year old keeps calling them "nasty peckers".  I'd ignore it, as he means peckers as in they peck.  My oldest, however, is in middle school and notices everything having to do with any body part.  I never even knew he knew what a pecker was until I heard him in his room laughing hysterically as my son was yelling at the roosters.  He is the first of four boys.  It's all downhill from here:)

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Alan said...

My little friends and I would snicker every time we heard my grandfather refer to his goulashes as rubbers. One day it was wet out and he told us put on our rubbers. After that we were always asking each other if we were wearing our rubbers. Good luck with the little pecker.