Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Discoveries

Hubby and I have been together for about 17 years now.  You would figure that in that amount of time he would pick up on my not so subtle hints.  For instance, when I'm taking a 20lb turkey out of the oven on Thanksgiving, that would not be the best time to come up behind me and find me irresistible.  It just pisses me off.  Now, if I wasn't head first in the oven with scalding hot food about to fall on the floor and ruin dinner for fifteen people, well, then it might be cute.  That's just an example.  He also goes out of his way to watch me load and unload the dryer.  The dishwasher doesn't really do it for him. I could never figure him out.

I thought that it was my hind end that turned him on, since he seemed to approach me when I'm bent at the waist.  However, he wouldn't approach me when I'm trying, in vain, to garden, or when I'm tending the animals.  He also avoids me and the dishwasher.  I assume that his innate sense of order and his anal tendencies force him to take over the loading of the dishwasher, as I could never be as good at it as he is.  He's right too.  He can pack it in so neatly and so full, yet still everything gets cleaned.  Me, not so much. 

So what makes him tick?  I must say, I was perplexed.  It obviously was not my provocative rear end, lol.  If it were, then every time I would bend at the waist, he would come a runnin'.  That is so not the case.  He only bothers me when I'm cooking or doing laundry, and especially when insanity overtakes me and I actually get down and hand scrub the floor.  You know, when I just want to get done with the chores and get on with my day, he's there slowing me down and interrupting the flow.

Well, I finally got it! You see, Hubby was home for about a week and half.  During that time, he actually decided to get things crossed of the list labeled "eventually".  I have come to hate that word.  So, as he was on a ladder in his toolbelt (which he hardly ever wears), doing manly things that I will never do. I had an epiphany.  His toolbelt is like my apron.  It is a symbol of the traditional man-woman roles.  Now, he helps in the kitchen, and I can hang my own blinds.  But I was taken aback at how the sight of him all gross and sweaty on a ladder, with his tools, doing something that I had asked him to do effected me.  The feminist in me was horrified as the wife in me got all kinds of excited.  I was very bothered with the whole thing.  I didn't make the connection until later that night, when the work was all done.  I had decided to make him a treat and bake him his favorite cookies.  As usual, he popped in when I was taking them out of the oven.

This time, however, instead of being annoyed, I just let it be.  Yes, he was allowed to be affectionate while I had very hot things in my hands.  I did not shew him away.  I did not scold him for being bothersome.  Then, we retired to the living room and enjoyed our warm cookies and milk.  I suppose, even in this day and age, there are some man things that a woman is innately attracted to and some woman things that a man is innately attracted to (besides body parts of course).  Survival of the species? Perhaps.  I guess we all have a little caveman in us.


Alan said...

Oven and the dryer? Maybe it's the heat. Or static electricity.

PrttyBrd said...

Right, except for the scrubbing the floor part. Actually, if I am wearing an apron along with gloves to get scrubbing, he's bothersome then too. No wonder my house always seems a mess, I'm always interrupted :)