Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh the moments of joy

Okay, so my first grader comes home all happy as usual.  I go through his folder and find a very neatly written list of rules.  As I read them, he proceeds to tell me how everyone in his class had to come up with rules for behavior.  Apparently, the class had been unruly for awhile.  So, they all had to write down the rules that the students came up with.  There were the usual; "raise your hand", "wait your turn",  "no kicking", "no name calling", etc.  Then I come to one that made me take pause.  I asked my son, though I really didn't have to, "which one did you come up with".  Apparently, just as I thought, his was number fourteen.  His rule, which is now on everyone's rule list being read by everyone's parents, states...wait for it..."Do not say ASS to the teacher".  Hmmmmm.  I'm so proud, hahahaha.  Now, he is "that" kid and we are "those" parents.  Ahhh the joy.

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